With support of the European Union (Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO)), we are working on software for our ServiLocker, together with our software development partners. The development focuses on controlling hardware components and a more customer-oriented user-interface.

lowers your cost

improves your customer experience

generates new income

All pharmacies in the western world are effected by the squeeze on healthcare budgets.

To meet rising dispensing volumes, pharmacies need to improve their efficiency.

ServiLocker saves on labour, is efficient with floor space and can be placed anywhere.

Today’s health consumer want it all.

Personal care products, or clinical services, the priority is on expertise, convenience, and accessibility.

ServiLocker provides 24/7 instant access to pharmacy products in a safe and controlled manner with a maximum of privacy.

Pharmacies have a strong need for new sustainable revenue streams.

New services and increased sales of OTC medicines and other non-prescription pharmacy products become more critical.

ServiLocker frees up time for new services and fits very well in omni-channel pharmacy strategies.

Saves up 1 fte

Better employability

Streamlines the process

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